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 Podylas en Jornal de Noticias - Saude a norte.

Podiatry Clinic Dr. António Luís Ramos

When it opened in February 2000, Dr. António Luís Ramos, Podiatry Clinic was a the first in its speciality in the city of Penafiel. “It was a success because of the immediate impact this clinic had on the population, exceeding our highest expectations. We think it is the result of people who are increasingly aware of how important the well-being of our feet is for our quality of life,” reflected António Luís Ramos, adding that continuous investment in training, technology and modern facilities are differentiating factors that have contributed decisively to the clinic’s success. “Attendance at twenty national and international conferences is proof of our continued investment in training”, the specialist said. In 1994, António Luís Ramos attended the first course in podiatry offered at CESPU (Instituto Superior de Ciências da Saúde do Norte).

In 2010, he obtained his Master’s in Children’s Podiatry, and is one of the few specialists in this field in podiatry in Portugal. With an unequalled dynamism, he is a healthcare professional with more than 15 years of experience. He dedicates a great amount of time to innovation, and is currently at the technological vanguard of podiatry treatments. Proof of this is his use of innovative equipment in podiatry treatments provided to the population (see the highlighted box). Notably, in July 2014, he was responsible for first introducing the S30 Podylas Laser into Portugal: “The S30 is a state-of-the-art laser, currently available in Penafiel and Porto, which allows for an innovative and definitive treatment of several foot conditions. Since its first use 10 months ago, more than 80 conditions have been successfully treated, resulting in a success rate on the order of 90%.”

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THE S30 IS A STATE-OF-THE-ART LASER that provides an innovative and definitive treatment  


CryoPen – Innovative equipment indicated for the treatment of several conditions, such as warts, skin spots, fibroma, keratosis, hemangioma, liver spots, among others. Through freezing, and a safe and painless method that does not require care before or after the treatment. CryoPen is directly related to an increased number of treated cases, mainly those that were left without treatment due to complications with alternative techniques.

Windpod – One of the most sophisticated pieces of equipment on the market in terms of software and comprehensiveness, due to its versatility and portability. It is used in the digitized biomechanical study of the feet. In addition to being faster and more precise, the new technology also has the major advantage that it can now visually and factually record an image of the footprint. It also allows recording how a person supports their feet on the ground (static exam), as well as while walking (dynamic exam) and also how the feet behave while standing (posture exam). It is especially important in the diagnosis of, for example, flat feet in children.

S30 Podylas Laser – State-of-the-art technology used in the innovative and definitive treatment of several foot conditions: mycosis of the nails, plantar warts, corns, calluses of difficult treatment, surgery, postoperative recovery, analgesic and anti-inflammatory therapy. The following are some of the benefits of the S30 Podylas laser: Efficacy; safe treatment; comfortable; normally there is no need to take oral medication; painless treatments without side effects, performed in 10-15 minutes; indicated for all types of fungi, and with immediate social reintegration.

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