7 Keys for excellence in the treatment of onychomycosis with laser Podylas ™


The effectiveness of the Podylas™ system in the treatment of nail fungus is a reality that hundreds of podiatrists throughout Spain can attest to. In this article, we provide some guidelines on how best to achieve excellence in procedures, fully ensure satisfactory results and minimise the risk of recurrence.   1. Make a correcdiagnosis of […]

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5 questions about onychomycosis: Podylase™ Laser solution for the treatment nail fungal infection


Midsummer, and you dare not show your feet because your nails have a fungal infection? Then keep reading. 1. What is onychomycosis? Onychomycosis is an infection that affects the nails caused by the proliferation of fungi. The fungi that most often cause nail mycosis are dermatophytes, yeasts and moulds, they are highly contagious and according […]

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Onychomycosis: nail terror!


Although when hearing the word onychomycosis most people do not know what it means, it is likely that they themselves or someone they know is suffering from it on their feet. If your nails are brown or yellowish, thicker than normal, brittle and deformed, you may have nail fungus. What is onychomycosis and what causes […]

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