Pseudogynecomastia: Lipodefine™ laser solution


Pseudogynecomastia is hypertrophy of the male breasts due to fat accumulation. This abnormal development may occur in both breasts or it may be asymmetrical. It should not be confused with gynecomastia, as the two conditions have different origins; in the case of gynecomastia, the growth occurs in the mammary gland. According to studies, these disorders […]

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Intralesional photodynamic therapy: the ligh healing from within the lesions


The Spanish newspaper Diario de Soria dedicates an extensive report to the intralesional laser photodynamic therapy for the treatment of precancerous and cancerous skin lesions, a new technique developed by Spanish dermatologists Dr. Manuel Ángel Rodríguez Prieto and Dr. María Jesús Suárez Valladares in the Dermatology Service of the Hospital de León (Spain). “The original […]

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Frequently asked questions about varicose veins and their laser treatment with Multidiode Endo™ laser


What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are formed as a result of vein dilation due to blood accumulation. This means that poor circulation prevents blood from moving up towards the heart, and instead it remains stagnant inside the vein. Why do varicose veins form? There are various causes, as poor circulation of the blood and […]

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First patients treated with intralesional i-PDT photodynamic therapy in the Balearics


The Son Espases Hospital in Palma de Majorca (Spain)  is already successfully applying intralesional photodynamic therapy (i-PDT) in patients with hidradenitis suppurativa. In an interview published in the Spanish daily Última Hora, the first patient treated with this new therapy in the Balearic public health service is very satisfied with the results. “The first PDT […]

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I-PDT: a ray of hope for fistulas, hidradenitis and basal cell carcinomas


The I-PDT photodynamic therapy with INTERmedic Multidiode™ 630 PDT laser offers a solution to people suffering from hidradenitis suppurativa and basal cell carcinoma, among other pathologies. The photodynamic laser therapy I-PDT is a minimally invasive laser solution that solves these pathologies in a few sessions, without surgery, without hospitalization and without sick leave. Effective, comfortable […]

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Prepare your skin with the new anti-ageing laser: Comprehensive Rejuvenation with Silklase™


It is normal to worry about how our body looks, above all around our neckline, neck and face. It is inevitable that as time passes, due to hormonal changes or sudden losses of weight, these areas display sagging skin, pronounced wrinkles and blemishes. Combined with the effect of exposure to the sun, the worry is […]

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Operation Bikini: Say goodbye to localised fat: LipoDefine™ 980 4G


Localised fat is a perennial problem. When we ask about the best way to get rid of excess fat on the hips and abdomen or how to achieve firmer thighs, the answer is always the same: with perseverance, exercise and a healthy diet, you can lose it as a whole. But in areas of localised […]

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Cosmetic Laser Skin Care: How do sudden changes in weight affect our bodies? Body reshaping solutions


The desire to find weight loss solutions in miracle diets often leaves our bodies exposed to what is known as the yo-yo effect, but… What is the yo-yo effect and what consequences does it have for our bodies? The yo-yo, or rebound, effect arises as a result of extreme low-calorie diets that initially produce significant […]

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Unique comprehensive resurfacing with CO2 fractional laser: a new era is born


Photoaging, skin blemishes, acne scars, fine and deep wrinkles, warts, xantelasmas, keratosis …  INTERmedic’s fractional CO2 laser is an effective and minimally invasive technology indicated for these and many other applications. But where does the secret of its success lay? CO2 laser is undoubtedly the state-of-the-art technology in regard to comprehensive rejuvenation, because of its […]

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Varicose veins in the legs and laser


Do you suffer from varicose veins? If the answer is yes, this article will interest you because we will explain to you how to solve this problem easily, permanently and without surgery. Varicose veins are a permanent dilation of the superficial veins of the legs, which appear as a result of malfunction of the venous […]

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