Pelvic floor: Vaginal laxity


Vaginal laxity is loss of or decreased tension in the vaginal canal. It affects a large number of women, has no defined age range and brings with it physical, functional and psychological consequences. To fully understand the nature of the dysfunction, we begin by defining the pelvic floor and its functions. The pelvic floor is […]

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I Intimate Laser Surgery Simposium. Alicante (Spain), 7th – 8th October 2016


  I Intimate Laser Surgery Simposium Alicante (Spain),7th-8th October 2016 Instituto Pérez de la Romana La Albufereta Av. N.50 -03016 Alicante (Spain)   Download the full program of the simposium here. (Information in Spanish)            

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Vaginal aesthetics: Hypertrophy of the labia minora


Hypertrophy of the labia minora is a disproportion of size, either in width or in length, of the internal labia or labia minora, in comparison with the external labia or labia majora. According to various studies six out of ten women between 20 and 40 years of age develop labia minora hypertrophy. There are several […]

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Genital bleaching: Vanity or Necessity?


Have you noticed that your skin is darker in the genital area? Our body is exposed to diverse factors that damage the skin, cause blemishes and darken areas, such as cosmetic products, the sun’s rays, polluted air, smoke or extremes of temperature. The genital area is no different. Throughout our lives we can see this […]

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Laser vaginal rejuvenation: a matter of intimate wellness


A few years ago, talking to a friend or the doctor about problems in the intimate area was somewhat uncommon. In today’s society, however, it is no longer a taboo and caring about the appearance and proper functioning of the female genitals is very much in vogue. New medical technologies, such as the Gynelase™ laser, […]

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Vaginal dryness: Gynelase™ Stopping your intimate area from showing the signs of ageing is now possible


With the passage of time, women’s bodies change and eventually reach the inevitable menopause, a stage that can be considered as the body’s final big hormonal storm, wreaking havoc both physically and functionally. The intimate area is one of the main regions affected by the menopause, due to the effects of decreased oestrogen. Oestrogen is […]

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I suffer from urinary incontinence: Is surgery the only solution?


This is one of the first questions women ask when they begin to experience the symptoms of urinary incontinence. The answer is: No. A visit to the operating theatre is not always necessary. Everything depends on the type of urinary incontinence the patient has. To learn more about this subject, we need to start by […]

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5 questions and answers about the Gynelase™ surgery-free laser method for the female intimate area


1. What is the GynelaseTM method? The GynelaseTM method is a treatment procedure that uses the GynelaseTM CO2 laser, a unique device in the market, developed by INTERmedic, which combines delicacy, precision and versatility to modify and restore vaginal tissue. The GynelaseTM method’s exclusive technology generates pulses specifically designed for the vaginal mucosa. These pulses […]

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Laser vaginal rejuvenation: How do disorders of the intimate area affect women?


  It is becoming increasingly common to read about laser vaginal rejuvenation in the media – an issue which, in recent years, has gone beyond public opinion.  According to statistics from the UK’s National Health Service, this type of treatment is five times more common today than in previous years. Opinions about it vary. Many […]

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Post Childbirth and Stress Urinary Incontinence


Post Childbirth and Stress Urinary Incontinence Pregnancy and post childbirth are undoubtedly very important stages in the life of a woman. They are periods in which the mother-to-be has to look after herself, prepare for the physical changes to her body and deal with the psychological effects. It is well known from the literature and […]

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