Speculum will distribute the INTERmedic laser range for gynaecology in Portugal

INTERmedic has reached an agreement with the company Speculum, for distribution in Portugal of the full range of the INTERmedic laser solutions for gynaecology and aesthetic gynecology.

Founded in 1993, Speculum is the leading company in Portugal in the field of medical equipment and supplies for Gynaecology, Obstetrics and Ultrasound.

The Portuguese company will distribute Gynelase™, gold-reference laser solution in vulvovaginal rejuvenation and mild and moderate stress urinary incontinence, Multidiode ™ Surgical Series 4G for genital laser redesign and Myolase ™ for vaporization of polyps and fibroids through laser hysteroscopy.


Together in the I Basic Course of Colposcopy in Amadora (Lisbon)

As a part of this collaboration, Speculum and INTERmedic have jointly participated in the I Basic Course of Colposcopy in the Portuguese city of Amadora (Lisbon). The event, organized by the Prof. Dr. Fernando Fonseca Hospital EPE, aims to improve the techniques of colposcopy and advance in the understanding and minimally treatments of HPV and precancerous lesions of the female genital tract. To do so, the course featured numerous theoretical presentations and practical workshops with demonstration of techniques such as laser vaporization and conization.

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