INTERmedic’s medical solutions in the III Latin American Phlebology Congress

Multidiode Endo™ laser 1470 4G and Podylas™  were two of the medical solutions review at the III Latin American Phlebology Congress, held in mid-December 2015 in Lima (Peru).

 INTERmedic en Perú

INTERmedic technology was present at the event thanks to two medical specialists, whose lectures were included in the official conference program. Dr. David Fernández Caballero, endovascular surgeon at the Torrejon Clinic (Madrid, Spain) and expert in the treatment of collaterals and varicose veins with endovenous laser, spoke about the endoluminal treatment of these pathologies. For his part, Dr. Antonio J. Zalacain Vicuña, professor of podiatry at the University of Barcelone (Spain), gave a talk on the use of lasers for onychomycosis in patients with insufficient blood supply to the legs, very prone to nail fungus.



Lima, 11-13 December 2015

Presentations by Dr. David Fernández Caballero (Torrejon Clinic – Madrid, Spain) and Dr. Antonio J. Zalacain Vicuña (Bellvitge Podiatry University – Barcelone, Spain)



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