Vaginal dryness: Gynelase™ Stopping your intimate area from showing the signs of ageing is now possible

With the passage of time, women’s bodies change and eventually reach the inevitable menopause, a stage that can be considered as the body’s final big hormonal storm, wreaking havoc both physically and functionally. The intimate area is one of the main regions affected by the menopause, due to the effects of decreased oestrogen.

Oestrogen is a hormone that, among other functions, is responsible for keeping the tissue of the vagina lubricated, but when its levels decrease, the mucosa of the intimate area experiences a dramatic change, and this leads to vaginal dryness.

Women often experience painful and unsatisfying sexual relations at this time and can even suffer from mild bleeding during intercourse and, in their daily lives, sensations of burning, pain and itching. These symptoms associated with loss of sexual function and capacity not only affect women physically but also emotionally, and can lead to depression and insecurity about their love lives.

CO2 laser: Gynelase™ Regenerative and minimally-invasive treatment of the vaginal mucosa.

Thanks to the CO2 Laser, women no longer need to change their lives because of the effects of ageing. Previous treatments did not represent an effective solution and were primarily based on the long-term application of creams and lubricants, or hormonal treatment.

INTERmedic, a leader in laser platforms and solutions for wellness and life, has developed the Gynelase™ – a method that significantly alleviates vaginal dryness on an outpatient basis without the need for a visit to the operating theatre.

How does the Gynelase™ method work?

Laser energy is deposited throughout the vaginal wall without the heat damaging the tissue, stimulating the formation of new collagen in the mucosa, submucosa and endopelvic fascia, thereby increasing the secretion of vaginal mucus and preventing vaginal dryness.

The procedure is very easy to perform and complication free, and recovery is very fast as no incisional surgery is involved. All of this makes the Gynelase™ a safe solution that not only improves the functionality of the intimate area, but also the quality of life of women.

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