Laser vaginal rejuvenation: a matter of intimate wellness

A few years ago, talking to a friend or the doctor about problems in the intimate area was somewhat uncommon. In today’s society, however, it is no longer a taboo and caring about the appearance and proper functioning of the female genitals is very much in vogue. New medical technologies, such as the Gynelase™ laser, help women improve the most intimate aspects of their bodies. Women want to feel good about their whole body. And avoid problems in the genital area because these can cause complexes, insecurity and discomfort.

Fortunately, today’s most advanced medical technology – such as INTERmedic’s Gynelase™ CO2 laser – combined with the latest genital reshaping techniques enable problems to be solved quickly, easily and comfortably. Gynelase™ offers outpatient and minimally-invasive procedures to correct the appearance and functioning of the female intimate area.

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Cosmetic gynaecology procedures with the Gynelase™ laser

Labia minora reduction (labiaplasty)

This consists of correcting the size of the labia minora using minimally-invasive techniques such as laser genital reshaping. Hypertrophy of the labia minora is a common disorder among women aged between 20 and 40 who seek this in-demand corrective treatment because the condition can cause physical discomfort during physical exercise, when wearing tight clothing or swimming costumes or while having sex. “Excessive enlargement of the labia minora can cause discomfort during sex or urination, but the condition can easily be corrected with reduction surgery,” explains the gynaecologist, Dr Santiago Turizo, a cosmetic gynaecology specialist at Clínica Buenavista Oviedo. The Gynelase™ CO2 laser can treat this problem on an outpatient basis and with local anaesthesia. The degree of patient satisfaction is very high after the procedure.

Clitoris reduction

An excessively large clitoral hood can give women complexes and limit their sex lives by reducing their ability to become stimulated. The Gynelase™ laser can remove excess skin in a minimally-invasive bleeding-free manner in order to enhance sensations during sex.

Genital and anal bleaching

The Gynelase™ CO2 fractional laser can improve the inguinal, perineal and anal areas. The procedure is performed on an outpatient basis and improves the tone and texture of the treated skin.

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Perineal reconstruction (perineoplasty)

This procedure corrects dysfunction and the appearance of the perineum, a small area of muscle tissue located between the vagina and the anus. “The perineum (situated between the anus and the vulva) can become enlarged or reduced as a result of difficult childbirths or other kinds of trauma,” explains Dr Turizo. Structural and functional disorders in this area can also be corrected with the Gynelase™ laser. The aim of these kinds of procedure is to rejuvenate the perineum and improve the vaginal entrance area.

Non-surgical vaginoplasty

Gynelase™ is indicated for minimally-invasive laser vaginoplasty, offering greater precision and faster post-operative recovery than conventional surgery. In addition, Gynelase™ is a ground-breaking tool that can be used for vaginal tightening without surgery in many cases. “With this CO2 laser, patients can have the diameter of their vaginal canals reduced without having to undergo a surgical procedure,” says Dr Turizo. As well as contracting the walls of the vaginal canal, Gynelase™ can also contribute to better tissue lubrication and correct vaginal atrophy and laxity.

Labia majora lifting/genital resurfacing

The passage of time is unforgiving on all parts of the body and the vulva area is no exception in showing signs of sagging and laxity. Vaginal reshaping procedures can help to restore smoothness and youthfulness to the intimate area thanks to techniques like labia majora lifting, for which Gynelase™ is also indicated.

Removal of warts and condylomata

Infections such as human papillomavirus (HPV) or other disorders can cause warts or lesions in the genital area. The Gynelase™ laser can vaporise these kinds of lesion and provide an excellent scar-free cosmetic result.

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