Dr Zalacain

Workshop on Podylas Laser in Peru with the support of our partner Medical Excellence

A group of Peruvian podiatrists participated in early December 2015 in a theoretical and practical workshop on the treatment of onychomycosis with Podylas™ laser, organized in Lima by INTERmedic and our distributor in Peru, Excellence Medical. The training included a luxury trainer, Dr. Antonio J. Zalacain, professor of podiatry at the University of Barcelona and specialist in podiatry laser.

Dr. Zalacain told the audience the advantages offered by the 1064nm laser in the treatment of nail fungus: high effectivity, painless treatment without side effects or toxicity.


‘Laser and podiatry’ Theoretical and practical workshop

Moday, 14th December 2015

Excellence Medical

Lima (Peru)

Lecturer: Dr. Antonio J. Zalacain



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