A very successful I Symposium of laser technology applied to Gynecology and the 1st Gynelase™ Users Meeting

Madrid, March 2017

The main users of the Gynelase™ technology, developed by INTERmedic, met at the First Gynelase™ Users Meeting, an event held in conjunction with the First Laser Technology Symposium applied to gynecology.


INTERmedic as developer of the Gynelase™ laser, managed to bring together the main users and opinion leaders of this technology.

It was confirmed the attendance of 200 specialists, from countries like Andorra, Switzerland, Portugal, France, Russia, Colombia, Salvador, Peru, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, USA.


The experiences, protocols and advances in the application of this technology were shared and discussed, thus evidencing the effectiveness of this laser as a solution for the female genital area, both for the patient and for the doctor in his office.


For intermedic it is a great satisfaction to have achieved this success in this first call, and thanks the participation and collaboration of such outstanding sponsors as the Spanish Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics (SEGO), Universidad San Pablo CEU and the HM Research Foundation.

Simposio laser I image2

Once again it is evident that researching and developing laser platforms for life is always a satisfaction, and for intermedic that is their goal.


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