Synaps full consortium meeting to research a new PDT treatment for glioblastoma held in Lille (France)

The Synaps group, a research network to develop a new treatment for glioblastomas with laser-based photodynamic therapy,  held its latest consortium meeting in the University of Lille (France) on January 9th-10th 2017. This meeting was scheduled to update all partners about Synaps progress and mostly to prepare the upcoming final project proposal for the H2020 call on New therapies for rare diseases.

Research for a novel minimally invasive and minimally toxic therapy

Glioblastomas are the most invasive and most common brain tumours in the adult population. Their incidence is increasing and now there are 25.000 new cases each year in the EU. Despite current treatments, incluiding surgery, radiation oncology and chemotherapy, the average overall survival remains 18 months and progression-free survival is of 7 to 8 months. The search for a new laser-based photodynamic therapy aims to offer to these patients a new minimally invasive and minimally toxic treatment, with proven efficacity. Synaps research teams focus on implementing an European multicentre controlled clinical trial to proove the efficacy of photodynamic therapy to treat glioblastoma.

INTERmedic among the members of Synaps

Synaps brings together specialized research and clinical teams across Europe, to develop a promising therapy which could be used soon as a standard therapeutic modality to treat glioblastoma. INTERmedic is among the members of the Synaps research network, together with the Lille University, the University Hospital of Lille, the University of Brussels, the Inserm and other members. INTERmedic is the company in charge of developing the laser technology for these new photodynamic therapy.

Next appointment: the SPIE BiOS conference in San Francisco

The Synaps project will be presented during the SPIE BiOS conference in San-Francisco (January 28th – February 2nd, 2017):

  • A new intraoperative photodynamic treatment for high-grade gliomas treatment (oral presentation, January 29th)
  • Stereotactic treatment planning system for interstitial photodynamic therapy of high-grade gliomas (poster presentation, January 30th)

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