Breast capsular contracture

Preventing and treating fibrosis after breast augmentation surgery


Capsular contracture is one of the complications that may arise to undergo breast augmentation surgery. This alteration occurs by the body overreaction in front of a foreign body and may cause pain, tenderness, deformation and hardening breast in different degrees. The body forms a strong fibrous capsule around the mammary implant, that compresses and distorts it, making it to lose its natural shape.

Unique patented system

Even though the percentage of contractures has been reduced due to new placement techniques and design improvements in the implants, capsular contracture is a postoperative risk that still must be taken into consideration. So far, the method that has shown greater effectiveness and safety in preventing and treating this complication is the application of INTERmedic’s world patented Capsuloblast™ over the contracture. 

This unique ultrasonic system has been specially designed for the prevention and treatment of breast capsular contracture and it has obtained really positive results even in the most severe cases (grades I – III on Baker’s scale).


Mechanical, thermal and biochemical action

Capsuloblast™ produces a triple mechanical, thermal and biochemical effect to regulate the renewal process of the fibrous tissue, promoting tissue regeneration and improving blood flow, oxygenation and local metabolism.

Capsuloblast™ treatment is safe, easy and comfortable both for the physician and patient. It has no side effects, no complications and, in many cases, avoids the need for a new surgery.

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High-frequency pulsed ultrasound

Capsuloblast™ is an ultrasonic generator specially designed for the treatment of breast capsular contracture, which works in the high range of frequency (2 Mhz). Its 8 transducers are placed directly on the chest (4 per breast) to allow the penetration of the ultrasonic waves into the deepest layers of the fibrosis. This causes a triple mechanical, thermal and biochemical action, disintegrating the fibrous structures and contributing to the gradual softening of the tissue.

Capsuloblast™ works in pulsed emission mode to ensure maximum security in the treatment.




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