Power and accuracy for a wide range of proctological applications


Hemorrhoids, polyps and anal fissures are very common conditions among the population. In many cases, they cause very uncomfortable and embarrassing symptoms that turn patients to a medical specialist in search of quick and effective solutions that reduce pain and improve their quality of life.

Outpatient treatment for hemorrhoids

Now the most advanced proctology units have the ultimate surgical laser technology to treat proctological lesions: INTERmedic’s Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G laser. This advanced platform can cut, coagulate and vaporize the tissue in a controlled manner, without bleeding and with minimal damage to surrounding areas, reducing the inflammatory response and the surgical trauma.

As being less invasive than conventional proctology surgery, Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G offers many advantages in proctology applications: is more comfortable for patients, procedures are outpatient, general anesthesia is not required, postoperative pain is reduced and recovery is faster.

Wide range of applications

Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G is indicated in:

  • Hemorrhoidectomy procedures
  • Anal fissure and echtropion coagulation
  • Anal fissure excision  
  • Anal stenosis ablation
  • Pilonidal cyst
  • Condyloma
  • Polyposis of colon
  • Villous adenoma
  • Acquired and congenital fistula and tumor 

INTERmedic provides a new outpatient treatment for hemorrhoids. The system delivers enough power with a photocoagulative effect for closing the veins. 


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Portable system with multiple handpieces

Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G is a safe and highly reliable system for anal surgery, with perfect results on hemostasis, cutting and coagulation. The system is completely portable and has different pieces of hand to maneuver the fiber optic. 

Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G provides great advantages:

  • Portable
  • Different handpieces
  • Bloodless procedure
  • Simple, fast and painless
  • Without sutures,nor internal points

Versatile, adaptable and high-performance

Multidiode™ Surgical Series 4G is the high performance laser diode surgical platform with more indications of the market. Its versatility and adaptability makes it a multidisciplinary ideal tool for any type of surgery: abdominal, dermatology, ENT, Gynecology, Gastroenterology, laparoscopic surgery, neurosurgery, proctology, thoracic surgery, Pulmonology, urology, and vascular surgery.

 The advanced technology developed by INTERmedic after years of research, gives as a result this advanced surgical platform with great capacity of coagulation, precise cutting and excellent ablation. There is no bleeding and the recovery of patients is faster.

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