20 years of experience in medical technology

INTERmedic is a dynamic company that is still expanding, after more than 25 years in the medical technology business sector. INTERmedic develops, manufactures and distributes innovative medical systems, based on the most advanced laser technology for a wide range of medical applications. 

INTERmedic is nowadays, one of the most prestigious researchers, manufacturers and marketers worldwide of medical lasers, radiofrequency, ultrasound and Photodynamic therapy platforms, with continuous international growth.

Our mission

Our company mission is to develop, manufacture and distribute projects for the health sector, focussed on high technology for people’s welfare.

The strong market position held by INTERmedic in the segment of vascular surgery, with its minimally invasive laser technique for varicose veins treatment consolidates its leading position worldwide in intravenous laser procedures. INTERmedic also highlights in Traumatology and Neurosurgery with the Multidiode ™ PL3D laser, designed and optimized for percutaneous disc decompression of vertebral disc prolapse, as well as in ophthalmology, with dacryocystorhinostomy Multidiode ™ S15 OFT laser. The birth of new divisions such as Urology and Podiatry reaffirms our commitment to surgical innovation.

INTERmedic commitment

INTERmedic offers medical procedures comfortable for patients and easy to apply by the physician. We have developed innovative solutions for aesthetics, dermatology, vascular medicine, plastic and general surgery and other medical specialities, indicated for a wide range of treatments such as facial aging, sagging skin, wrinkles, benign skin lesions and many other applications.

INTERmedic solutions are CE 0459 marked and are approved by the FDA, Santé Canada, Russia, China and Australia’s authorities.

 Please contact us for a closer approaching to INTERmedic solutions in laser and light technology.


  • Powerful R&D and innovation
  • R&D based on market requirements
  • Advanced, portable and customizable products
  • Excellent quality and service
  • Strong internationally-recognized company

The trust of our distributors and customers is one of the most important values for INTERmedic.

INTERmedic: Laser and light technology solutions

INTERmedic in cooperation with a group of prestigious medical specialist, physicists, and engineers researches and develops new frontiers in the field of medicine, for the welfare of the people.



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