COMVAT AIR™ – Airborne & Surface Disinfection

Versatile floor-based UVC disinfector.
Inactivation of viruses, bacteria and fungi from surfaces and environments


COMVAT AIR is the new evolution of COMVAT DUO3, a high power UVC light disinfection system for healthcare facilities that need to strengthen its disinfection processes. A unique and versatile device for daily use in-office or in operating theaters as a powerful surface disinfector or as a single air pass system, capable to deactivate airborne viruses and bacteria while in presence of people.

INTERmedic introduces its new COMVAT AIR for a total disinfection approach.

The introduction of the high capacity air chamber converts COMVAT AiR in a powerful device for the indoor air safety able to use in presence of people.

Triple disinfection system

COMVAT AIR allows the user to choose up to 3 disinfection modes based on the existing level of contamination, time available and presence of people. With the 360 Shadowless, a sequential combination of UVC and ozone, the user obtains a full disinfection process of the most difficult spaces, compensating for any small shadow or low exposure area to the UVC light. AIR mode allows the user to mantain indoor air safety during long periods of time in occupied rooms.






Two AIR inlets generates air streams that lead air pathogens over the 15 ultraviolet lamps of 254nm and 255W, inactivating all microorganisms before going through the AIR outlet.

COMVAT AIR chamber allows to move large air streams such 110m3 / hour. In a room of 20m2 / 215 ft2 COMVAT AIR would completely renew the air in 25 minutes.

Benefits of COMVAT AIR

  • Professional surface disinfector and air purifier in one device.
  • Triple-layer of security: presence detection, ozone sensor and alarm (acoustic and optical)
  • Highly profitable. Allows 24 hours performance
  • Automatically calculates UVC doses subject to room size
  • Easy-to-move system, with 4 multi-directional wheels

COMVAT AIR is a product manufactured by INTERmedic,a company with ISO13485, (standard for the applicable quality management system for devices) and under EN60204 and EN61000 eletric and electromagnetic compatibility that allow for use in environments Hospital

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  • Operating rooms
  • Care and retirement homes
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Clinics
  • Locker rooms
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Light generator

  • 15 lamps of high power and quality of European manufacture: 825 Watt
  • Effective power in the UVC strip (254 nm):> 250 Watt
  • Wavelength: 254nm
  • Action radius: 4.5m (a power density> 50uW / cm2 is guaranteed with the tubes at the end of life)
  • Size of the room to be disinfected: 60m2 in a single cycle of 6 min
  • Disinfection times: 6-12 min depending on the size of the room
  • Lamp life: 15,000h
  • Definition of useful life: when the actual emission has decreased by 20% with respect to the nominal

Ozone generator

  • O3 conversion: Up to 15gr / hour
  • Reactor type: tubular, capacitive.
  • Estimated reactor life: 2 to 3 years depending on use.

Single Air Pass System

  • Air chamber volume: 115 L / 25 UK Gal
  • Air chamber weight: 2 kg / piece
  • Power supply: 230v / 44W
  • 2 Air fans
  • 54 dB


  • Delayed activation for safe eviction
  • Auto-stop function by 4 presence sensors
  • O3 Environmental Concentration Meter
  • Red light; UVC or O3 operational. Amber; ozone concentration greater than 0.1 ppm. Green; secure entry.
  • Emergency stop button

Operating modes

  • UVC mode: Light disinfection. 3-12 min.
  • O3 mode: ozone disinfection. 50 min approx.
  • Single Air pass system: UVC light air disinfection


  • Main management: By Tablet with very intuitive software (no special training is required for its use).
  • Manual management: From the panel of the device (in case of exhausted battery, breakage or loss of the tablet)

General characteristics

  • Power: 220-240 Vac, 50/60 Hz (115V on request)
  • Approximate dimensions: 50x50x170cm (width, depth, height)
  • Turning angle of the system: 360º
  • Cable length: 5m
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