Genital bleaching: Vanity or Necessity?

Have you noticed that your skin is darker in the genital area?

Our body is exposed to diverse factors that damage the skin, cause blemishes and darken areas, such as cosmetic products, the sun’s rays, polluted air, smoke or extremes of temperature. The genital area is no different. Throughout our lives we can see this area of our body getting progressively darker. Although it is not considered a health problem, many people consider it unsightly, this situation may cause insecurities that have an effect on our daily well-being.

In fact, for many people, a darkening of this area presents a problem for having sexual relations or wearing a swimsuit.

What causes genital darkening?

As time goes by, the anal and genital areas can get darker due to natural factors, such as sweat glands (sweat), menstrual bleeding or external factors such as rubbing from clothing, tight-fitting underwear, hormonal changes or nude sunbathing.

Laser genital bleaching consists of a lightening of the genital area using laser technology. This techniques attempts to unify, as far as possible, the colour of the skin in the genital area with that of the rest of the body. Among the medical platforms developed by INTERmedic where genital bleaching can be applied, we can list:

The Gynelase™ Method can also be used for:

Silklase™, a laser with unlimited possibilities A cosmetic non-health-related procedure that can be performed on an outpatient basis. First of all it is necessary to determine the clinical assessment (the type of skin or mucosa), and the treatment is performed. The treatment is performed in sessions, the number of which depends on the patient.

What are the benefits of laser genital bleaching?: A genital area that looks cleaner, smoother and has a younger-looking appearance is achieved.

Also, as it is performed with minimally-invasive technology, laser genital bleaching can be combined with any other treatment for the genital area, such as laser vaginal rejuvenation or vulvo-vaginal cosmetic surgery, like labiaplasty or liposuction of the pubic mound.

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