5 questions and answers about the Gynelase™ surgery-free laser method for the female intimate area

1. What is the GynelaseTM method?

The GynelaseTM method is a treatment procedure that uses the GynelaseTM CO2 laser, a unique device in the market, developed by INTERmedic, which combines delicacy, precision and versatility to modify and restore vaginal tissue.

The GynelaseTM method’s exclusive technology generates pulses specifically designed for the vaginal mucosa. These pulses are controlled by the GyneScanTM, which enables laser energy to be distributed in a uniform manner, ensuring maximum safety and effectiveness.

The treatment is performed over a number of surgery-free sessions lasting approximately 10 minutes in a non-operating theatre setting. The GynelaseTM method is performed in the specialist doctor’s consulting room. Two sessions are usually required with an interval of one month to six weeks between them.


2. What are the applications of the GynelaseTM method?

The versatility of the GynelaseTM method enables effective treatment in the following areas:

  • Vaginal rejuvenation • Atrophy of the vaginal mucosa
  • Vaginal relaxation syndrome
  • Stress urinary incontinence syndrome
  • Vulvo-vaginal surgery: Labiaplasty, perineoplasty, genital reshaping
  • Human papillomavirus (HPV) • Genital bleaching


3. What does it mean for women to be able to take advantage of the advanced technology of the GynelaseTM method?

For women, being able to take advantage of such a precise and effective device is a major breakthrough for their health and wellbeing, as they no longer have to resign themselves to only undergoing surgery to overcome certain problems that affect the female genital area. The GyneLaseTM method is an outpatient procedure that requires no incisions, hence no bleeding or scarring, is performed without general anaesthesia and recovery is very fast. The GyneLaseTM method is, undoubtedly, the comprehensive treatment that women have been waiting for.

4. How long is the recovery process after undergoing GynelaseTM treatment?

Recovery is fast. No recuperation period is necessary and patients can immediately return to their everyday activities. Sexual relations can be resumed after about three days.

5. Where to get information about the GynelaseTM method?

Patients: For general information and to find out about all of the benefits of the GynelaseTM method, go to

Or find your nearest clinic:

Doctors: For further information, go to: www.inter-medic-net.


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