Intralesional photodynamic therapy: the light healing from within the lesions

The Spanish newspaper Diario de Soria dedicates an extensive report to the intralesional laser photodynamic therapy for the treatment of precancerous and cancerous skin lesions, a new technique developed by Spanish dermatologists Dr. Manuel Ángel Rodríguez Prieto and Dr. María Jesús Suárez Valladares in the Dermatology Service of the Hospital de León (Spain).

“The original and novel is the use of a laser and the introduction of the sensitizing substance and / or the light into the lesions, improving the limitation of skin penetration of the prior technique,” the doctors explain in the article. The laser used in this new technique is INTERmedic’s Multidiode ™ 630 PDT, a diode laser with 630nm wavelength.

Dr. Rodríguez Prieto and Dr. Suárez Valladares have international publications in high-level dermatology journals that support a cure of 93.7% of patients with basal cell carcinoma treated with this technique after a six-year follow-up. The article also highlights the good results obtained by dermatologists in treating other pathologies such as fistulas, synovial cysts, or suppurative hydrosadenitis: “With the new treatment, about 80% of the treated lesions are cured, and in their own words, with less than two of these treatments the equipment is amortized,”they explain in relation to hydrosadenitis.

To end, the journal emphasizes that this new therapy has multiple possibilities of application, not only in Dermatology, but also in other medical specialties such as General Surgery, Gynecology, Digestive, Urology, Plastic Surgery or Traumatology.

Click on the link to read the full article (in Spanish):

Luz que cura desde dentro las lesiones ( Diario de Soria – 14/02/2017 )

Diario de Soria-PDT


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