High frequency vibration for the prevention and treatment of breast capsular contracture


INTERmedic has developed an innovative system based on US technology (patented) allowing to prevent and improve breast capsular contracture already established, externally without need for massage or surgery. It’s the new CAPSULOBLAST™.
Capsular contracture may be a complication in procedures of augmentation mammoplasty, which can appear both in the postoperative period of years after the surgery. According to its severity degree, the contracture can cause pain, tissue hardening around the implant and breast deformity.

Simple and non-surgical treatment (patented)

The solutions that conventional medicine offered for capsular contracture were so far limited and unsatisfactory to patients. In some cases, surgeons tried to break the capsule through the manual technique of closed capsulotomy. For more severe contractures, a new surgery was the only option. Now with CAPSULOBLAST™ all this has changed.

How does it work?

CAPSULOBLAST™ is a high frequency ultrasonic generator, specially designed for the prevention and treatment of capsular contracture that emits in the high frequency range. The system allows the penetration of the ultrasonic waves into the deeper layers of the fibrosis. This causes a triple mechanical, thermal and biochemical effect that promotes tissue softening and reduces the contracture.

The beneficial effects of ultrasound translates into a greater blood flow to tissue, better oxygenation, the increase of cellular mediators of inflammation and an increase of fibrolytic processes. In addition, also improves cellular metabolism and prevents its fibrotic contraction.

Foto busto     transductor capsuloblast     capsuloblast

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  • Treatment and prevention of breast capsular contracture.


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  • Ultrasound generator
  • US Transducers: 8 (4×2)
  • Frequency of the transducer: 1,940 MHz +-5%
  • Maximum power: 15W
  • Effective treatment area: 8cm2
  • Dimensions: 35 x 42 x 23 cm (width, depth, height)
  • Weight: 8,5 kg


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Easy and comfortable use


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