Cosmetic Laser Skin Care: How do sudden changes in weight affect our bodies? Body reshaping solutions

The desire to find weight loss solutions in miracle diets often leaves our bodies exposed to what is known as the yo-yo effect, but…

What is the yo-yo effect and what consequences does it have for our bodies?

The yo-yo, or rebound, effect arises as a result of extreme low-calorie diets that initially produce significant muscle and fat loss, but, in the long term, when people return to their usual eating habits, cause the body to quickly regain the lost weight, this time though, in the form of greater amounts of fat.

The yo-yo effect can affect us emotionally and physically, and result in:

  • Larger amounts of localised fat as a consequence of the way the body distributes the new fat. In men, this fat is often found in the abdominal and lumbosacral areas and, in women, it tends to accumulate in the thighs, buttocks and back.
  • Sagging skin due to constant abrupt changes. When the necessary nutrients are not consumed and weight is lost rapidly, the skin does not have time to assimilate these changes. We should remember that, with these diets, we lose not only fat but also muscle. Our skin becomes stretched and loose, and the process of returning to its correct position by itself is not instantaneous.
  • Slow or resting metabolic rate. A slow metabolic rate will cause problems for losing weight healthily in the future.

All of this leads to what is known as the yo-yo effect. The best solution undoubtedly consists of a healthy diet accompanied by a regular exercise routine. Also available today are laser platforms that can help us fight sagging skin and localised fat, and make it easier for us to achieve the body we want through minimally-invasive procedures with highly effective results.


In the field of cosmetic laser skin care, INTERmedic has developed:

The ContrÂge RF™: Alternating mono and bipolar radiofrequency waves for face and body tightening, non-ablative rejuvenation, body reshaping and cellulite treatment. This comprehensive platform combines the synergy of different technologies in a single device at the service of face and body beauty: radiofrequency (for face and body rejuvenation and skin tightening) and ultrasound (sonic dermabrasion for smooth and controlled mechanical peeling, and sonophoresis, which aids in the penetration of serums and vitamins).

In addition, the ContrÂge RF™ features new and exclusive treatment modules for reaffirmation of the neckline and breasts (BreastUp), post-surgical tissue regeneration (PerfectFit) and genital rejuvenation (LabiaUp).

Cavitation treatment with the ContrÂge™ US is painless and non-invasive. The ContrÂge™ US offers two work modes to respond with maximum versatility to the demands of the patient, especially for adiposity, or localised fat, treatment.

The LipoDefine™ 980 4G body contouring platform is indicated for a wide range of face and body contour redefinition applications.

  • Minimally-invasive face and body reshaping.
  • Laser-assisted liposuction.
  • Asymmetry correction.

The LipoDefine™ 980 4G enables any small areas of the face or body to be treated, even those that are the most difficult to reach. The most common treatment areas are double chins, cheeks, neck, arms, chest, abdomen, back, hips, buttocks, pubis, knees and thighs.

With laser-assisted liposuction using the LipoDefine™ 980 4G, post-operative recovery is minimal and rapid for patients.

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