Silklase en la revista EME de Febrero 2016

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Silklase en la revista EME de Febrero 2016

Silklase en la revista EME de Febrero 2016


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Merging science and ingenuity Today, women are increasingly seeking comprehensive rejuvenation treatment that encompasses the face, neck, body and genital area. Women want to enjoy and improve the quality of all aspects and stages of their lives, including their love lives. Childbirth, hormonal changes and the menopause cause significant changes to the genital area of women but, luckily, solutions exist thanks to advances in medical laser technology.

The most advanced cosmetic gynaecology laser units and platforms are now equipped with the most effective and delicate vaginal rejuvenation system that exists today: the exclusive Gynelase™ method. Genital cosmetic treatment needs at any age Childbirth is one of the processes that most affects the functioning of the female intimate area. The vaginal canal can dilate excessively and lose elasticity and the ability to contract.

This vaginal laxity can negatively affect sexual relations because it can reduce feeling during penetration. With the onset of the menopause, women experience a decrease in oestrogen levels, which can weaken vaginal tissue structure and cause vaginal dryness and abnormal pH. These factors can also affect the love life of sufferers. In addition to changes caused by childbirth and hormonal alterations, from the age of 50, urine leakage can also occur as a result of coughing, laughing or doing exercise. These changes lead to many women seeking cosmetic gynaecology solutions, such as the CO2 laser.

How does the vaginal rejuvenation laser work?

The Silklase™ vulvovaginal rejuvenation laser produces a controlled thermal effect on the mucosa, vaginal submucosa and endopelvic fascia by means of computerised laser technology that directs fractional energy beams onto the tissue to reshape it safely. Silklase™’s applications include vaginal laxity, vaginal atrophy and urinary incontinence, as well as fractional rejuvenation of the face, neck and neckline. Below is an explanation of how the laser works for each of these conditions: Vaginal laxity. This condition can be corrected in a minimally-invasive manner thanks to this new treatment. The laser stimulates the collagen of the vaginal mucosa in order to tighten the tissue and improve the vagina’s ability to contract. Two treatment sessions lasting about 10 minutes each are usually required. Patients can return immediately to their day-to-day activities. Vaginal atrophy and stress urinary incontinence.

Treatment with Silklase™ contributes to increased vaginal secretion and strengthening of the walls of the vagina. The laser promotes neocollagenesis, which returns elasticity and tone to the walls of the vagina, thereby improving the ability to retain urine. Silklase™ – a comprehensive solution for the modern woman Silklase™ is a unique, versatile and multi-purpose laser that combines science and ingenuity. Its operation is based on a new concept of comprehensive rejuvenation treatment for the face, neck, body and genital area. This laser uses a unique scanning system which emits completely random energy onto the tissue.

The Silklase™ offers minimally-invasive solutions for anatomical, functional and cosmetic repair:

  • Genital cosmetic gynaecology
  • Labiaplasty for labia minora reduction
  • Vaginal laxity
  • Face and neck rejuvenation
  • Tissue cutting, coagulation and vaporisation

More information about Silklase   .One laser with unlimited possibilities

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